Sunday, 19 April 2009

Time is Flying and Fund-Raising Needs Stepping Up!

This is what it is all about - I really want to help rescue these captive bears.

These bears are in the Sanctuary - They look so much happier.

I really cannot believe that it is two months since my last post. After what has seemed a very long winter spring seems to have come very suddenly.

Training has been steady over the last couple of months, but really took off when the clocks went forward last month. To be able to go for a walk most evenings is a real treat and we are happily spotting the new born lambs in the surrounding area. It is at times like this that I am really glad that I am a vegetarian!

We have treated ourselves to a walking SATNAV thingy. A brilliant little device that tells us how fast we are walking, how far, and how high. It also tells us how long we have not moved for and it came as a little bit of a surprise to see that whilst we thought we had been for a three hour walk it was in fact just over two hours. I guess we do pause to look at the views quite a lot. I was amazed to see that our fastest speed was 47 miles per hour and that we had gone 30 miles. I then realised that I had forgotten to turn it off in the car! Oops.

On the fund-raising side, this is going a bit more slowly than the training and I really need to step it up a gear. I really do hate asking people for money, but I am going to have to be a bit braver if I am going to reach my target.

Although the trek is not until September, WSPA are wanting the majority of the money by June, so I guess that I need to get a shift on. We have booked a table at a Charities Market in Todmorden on 4th May - we will have sponsor sheets there as well as some games and some CDs, books etc., for sale.

I have had some great donations and am very grateful for them. WSPA sent me some wonderful photos of the bears so I am putting those on here as I am sure they are much prettier than the sight of my bottom going over a style!

This was in the hills this afternoon - how lovely to see the a blue sky and it was lovely not to have to wear a coat.

If you would like to hep me help the bears please make a donation at

It does not have to be a large donation, every penny is really gratefully received.

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